NoNoise Earplugs - Intelligent Hearing Protection

Proven Performance

Unique design for optimum safety

NoNoise has developed the first and only universal-fitting hearing protector that makes it possible to wear a precision sound filter deep in the ear canal. The result of this is that the maximum amount of sound waves is first filtered before they reach your hearing.

This revolutionary development ensures optimum sound attenuation and helps to stop harmful sound waves around the outside of the filter.

With NoNoise precision filters, sounds do not sound dull and you have no "clogged ears" effect, as is often the case with other hearing protectors. The patented ceramic filter ensures that you can hear normal conversation and background noise - you hardly notice that you are wearing hearing protection.

Highest accuracy

The patented NoNoise sound filters are made from a special ceramic material using zirconium oxide. This happens at temperatures above 2700°C in a strictly controlled environment, because the quality of this high-tech ceramic material is extremely important for the accuracy of the intended noise reduction.

The Venturi-shaped channel that runs through the center of the filter absorbs sound waves in a completely different way compared to other filters (even the most expensive earplugs of others have simple straight channels). With its unique properties, a NoNoise filter guarantees the highest quality, muted, safe sound.

Waarom is NoNoise zo verschillend van andere gehoorbeschermers?

  1. Patented Venturi shaped sound channel through centre of filter, uniquely formed for each product in the range
  2. Precision-tuned, patented ceramic filter positioned deeper in your ear than other products, for maximum protection
  3. Allows normal conversation, while effectively turning down volume on other noise with no muffling (occlusion) effect
  4. Unique tri-sectional design for ultimate comfort, suitable for all ages (nominal diameter range 6–12mm
  5. Silicone-free, hypoallergenic thermoplastic for ultimate comfort

Proven performance

NoNoise has over 20 years of experience in the development of customized hearing protection (otoplastics). These otoplastics are equipped with unique patented filters. NoNoise has now applied this technology, developed in-house, in its universal hearing protectors.

NoNoise's hearing protection has been tested by the European recognized Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IFA) and Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) in Germany. All NoNoise products thus meet the strict European guidelines (EN standards: 352-2: 2002).