WORKING FROM HOME: NO TO NOISE, YES TO THE PHONE (and your children when they need you)


WORKING FROM HOME: NO TO NOISE, YES TO THE PHONE (and your children when they need you)

During the lockdown period you may also have experienced it: working from home is not always easy. It is difficult to concentrate when the children are playing or when there is work going on in front of the house door. With NoNoise's selective earplugs you can filter out all that noise, but you'll still hear it when someone rings the doorbell or your children really need you.

Hear only what you need to hear

Of course it works to put on big headphones. This blocks distracting sounds from a TV that is on, the neighbors who decide to scour all day or a truck that is loading and unloading in front of the door. The only problem is that you don't hear the bell, your phone or your baby crying.

That's why it's great that the NoNoise earplugs only filter out the annoying background noise and not the sounds you do want to hear. And that the sounds are not canned or distorted, but just clear and smooth. This way you don't have to put your earplugs on and off every time you want to have a 1-on-1 conversation or find out how your child is doing.

"Absolutely awesome. I'm currently a mother doing a full-time job from her home office, and I bought these to prevent street noise from distracting me. I can still hear my kids when they need me and even make a phone call...
They're fantastic. I can hear clearly and precisely what I need to hear and I hardly feel that I have them in my ears. Not even after a long day's work."

Unique patented ceramic filter

The innovative NoNoise earplugs were developed by a leading European expert, who has been developing and manufacturing hearing protection for professionals for over 25 years. Because each sound has a unique frequency, it is possible to attenuate the disturbing ambient noise with a patented ceramic filter, so you can concentrate on your work. You can read exactly how the technique works here.

Reusable and comfortable

The NoNoise earplugs are made of SoftFit Thermoplastic. This is a hypoallergenic and silicone-free plastic so you don't get an allergic reaction or irritation in your ears. You can wear the earplugs all day long if you want, you hardly notice that you are still wearing them because of their perfect fit. At the end of the day you can clean them with soap and water or a special cleaning fluid, so you can enjoy a peaceful working environment for an extra long time. At home as well as at the office.

Order your NoNoise earplugs

With the NoNoise earplugs, which are precisely tuned for optimal attenuation in your home or office, you have:

- Less background noise
- More focus on your work
- The least distortion of voices
- Telephone communication or 1-to-1 conversation
- Long term pleasure from the earplugs, even for daily use

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4 years ago