You're working in the factory and you've got headphones on to cope with the noise. Your colleague is further on and wants to warn you about a forklift truck passing by behind you. But you can't hear him and step back... To prevent dangerous situations, it is extremely important to be able to hear selectively. The NoNoise earplugs for production environments enable this.

Average attenuation value of 29 decibels

Working or production environments with large machines - in the factory, in your own workshop or on a construction site - quickly generate a lot of noise. The noise level can reach the harmful and dangerous level of 120 decibels. To prevent hearing damage, you probably already wear hearing protection.

The NoNoise earplugs go one step further: they muffle harmful noise, but ensure that ambient noise is still audible. In this way, communication remains possible and you avoid dangerous situations because you don't hear anything. The earplugs have an attenuation value of 29.5 decibels at the higher, most harmful frequencies.

Originally for the police and the military

The NoNoise earplugs for production environments were developed in the Netherlands by a European expert who has been producing hearing protection for professionals for over 25 years. Originally, the unique, patented ceramic filter was used by the police and military forces. Now the technique is further specified to different professional groups where danger occurs if you cannot hear a warning signal or co-worker well.

Because sound has a unique frequency, it is possible to muffle the most harmful noise, while you can still hear your colleague warning you of approaching danger. This is how NoNoise earplugs can literally save your life.

"These are pretty cool earplugs. They are soft and fit well in the ear.
Probably the best earplugs I've ever used."

Aware of your surroundings

The unique sound filter is made of high quality ceramic material originating from Japan. Because it is hardened in the oven at 2.700 degrees it is perfectly smooth inside. This gives unparalleled acoustic properties that are also used in high-end loudspeakers, for instance. You can read exactly how it works here.

The result: the machine noise is muffled, and you can still clearly hear your colleague. No hearing damage, no danger.

Fit comfortably and are reusable

The NoNoise earplugs will last a very long time, even if you use them daily. The hypoallergenic and silicone-free plastic is washable with soap and water or with a special cleaning fluid. In addition, the earplugs fit well: your ears don't get irritated, so you can keep them in throughout the working day. And because of the selective sound filter, you don't have to put them on and off all the time to hear a colleague.

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Do you regularly work in the factory, at home or on a construction site with machines that produce a lot of noise? Then order the professional hearing protectors from NoNoise. No machine noise, but safe at work.

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